Tips to Keep Safe While Working in a Retail/Restaurant Job in COVID

By LANDED Team • 17 May 2022 • 1 mins read

As COVID cases are increasing everyday, there are many precautions we must take in order to stay safe. However, working in a retail and restaurant job it can be tough to be safe!

Going into work to interact with customers and assist them with essential needs, many workers are brave enough to carry out these tasks amidst these times. Here are some tips on how to stay safe:

1) Disinfect and Clean Your Work Area

Working in an environment where you continuously touch things and share the space with others, it is important to disinfect those areas! For instance, when working in a coffee shop, you are constantly on the move when making the different beverages and serving customers. Therefore, carrying a pack of disinfection wipes or wearing gloves can help avoid bacteria from touching other employees and customers. Other than wearing gloves, washing your hands with soap regularly and using hand sanitizer can avoid the spread of germs as you are touching things. While it can be hard to avoid touching things in your work area, being aware of how to clean touches area before using it is important.

2) Practice Social Distancing

As a retail or restaurant employee, it can be hard to social distance as your daily tasks involve interacting with others. But keeping a six feet distance when talking to customers and other employees can help avoid more contact with the virus. Moreover, having a maximum of 7 people into each retail store and restaurant can help avoid big crowds and keep everyone distant.

3) Sanitize Your Belongings

After ending your day at work, sanitizing your belongings such as your phone, carkeys, wallet, and any other objects that you touch throughout your day. Because you touch your phone the most throughout the day, being careful to sanitize it before making a call and putting it to your face. Washing your hands and disinfecting your belongings can avoid the spread of the virus after ending your day at work.

4) Wear Your Mask At All Times!

The most important step to being safe during these hard times is to always wear a mask. According to a recommendation by CDC for retail workers, wearing a face covering is important especially in places where it is difficult to social distance. Especially when working in retail or assisting others in a restaurant, it can be easy to transmit the virus when communicating with others. Therefore, having a face mask can avoid breathing in other people's germs and be safe when walking in crowded areas.

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