How Investment Apps Can Help you Make Money

By LANDED Team • 09 April 2022 • 3 mins read

Need help to grow your money? It’s never too late to download investment apps!

Why Should I Start Investing?

Similar to earning money, investing is another way for one to grow their wealth. Whether you are investing in small businesses, purchasing items that have long term value, or buying shares in the market, the ultimate goal is to grow your money! As a beginner who is learning to invest, the only way to become efficient at investing is by taking action, keeping up with research, and having set goals in mind. However, investment apps can guide you along this whole process, making it easy to get started. Before starting to invest, there are many ideas to consider such as:

Having a Budget

Maintaining a budget or a certain amount of money you want to invest set aside is important. With the use of investment apps such as Stash and Acorns! Looking at ways to budget with Stash, the app lets you link your bank account in order to keep track of your savings and deposit cash to your account. This investment app also can help you keep track of your savings and make smart spending decisions to help you budget.


Investors who use Acorns can also benefit with smart ways of how the app helps with budgeting. With each investor’s financial situation including money they want to invest, the app can match you steps to take to reach your goal. According to your financial background and how much money you are interested in investing, Acorns will suggest financial plans to follow to strategize and organize your money. These apps are like a culmination of online-advisor meets automated saving tools. Before investing, understanding what debts you already have and paying them off can help one grow their money efficiently. With the use of investment apps like Stash and Acorns, their different features can help an investor with getting rid of debt, saving, and budgeting for investing. In Investopedia’s article, credit card debt is something that many struggle with. Therefore, rather than having a pile of debt that is being accumulated over time, paying it off and setting aside money for investing can help one keep a budget for investing. Other than paying off your debts, maintaining a budget can also help one fulfill their retirement goals. Whether it may be short term or long term, having a retirement goal can motivate one to maintain a budget and retire easily.

Looking for Strategies to Invest

In today’s world of investing, there are many new strategies to look at when investing your money. As an investor who keeps track of how the world functions economically with the impact of what happens in the future, it is important to always be prepared! Investment apps like Stash and Acorns can also advise strategies for growing your money. For instance, Stash’s Set Schedule tool helps you directly invest your money with a set schedule. When making your investment decisions, Stash can help you make successful decisions based on the market’s current situation. Another strategy that Acorns app features is the idea of making automatic investments periodically. While there are many approaches one can make when investing, investments apps have changed the way of investing. With many new people using technology to invest everyday, investment apps can give introductions and teach beginners how to be successful with their goals.

Simple Use

With the integration of today’s technology, there are many resources that you can use to be a successful investor! Due to investment apps like Stash and Acorns, the idea of investing can be simplified for beginners or anyone who wants to begin growing their money. Other than the simple use of these apps, Stash and Acorn can give many strategies to saving for retirement. Acorns’ portfolio management, in particular, can be important to an investor’s success over time.

In Conclusion

Apps like Acorn and Stash can make financial planning far easier. The old age of heavy excel sheets are out and the new age of easy financial tracking is here! Investment apps have helped change the way people invest for the better. Other than those who commonly invest their money in the market, these apps are more accessible to college students as they prepare for their future. With the accessible ways of managing your money, having a set schedule, and learning while investing, anyone can access these ways to grow their fortune

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