Asking the right questions

By LANDED Team • 11 August 2021 • 2 mins read

Asking questions is a normal part of the interview process, where the recruiters set a time, either throughout the interview or at the end of the interview for the applicant to ask questions. 

Because this part is nerve-wrecking for the applicant, LANDED does its best to provide tips and tricks to asking the right questions to put yourself in the best position possible for the job/internship opportunity.

Ask company-specific questions

This is where your research for the company shines through. Avoid asking general or generic questions that can easily be applied to any industry. You would want to cater your questions that are just personalized or specialized for the company, so doing the research helps instrumentally. Focus on asking questions pertaining to company news, such as their thoughts on a recent product development or a partnership within the company. Ask intriguing questions that are thought-provoking for the interviewer, so that you can engage in conversation with them. Asking company-specific questions not only demonstrates that you have done your research, but also shows your seriousness and enthusiasm for this company.

Asking follow-up questions

Ask follow-up questions in the interview to ensure that you are listening to what the interviewer has been saying, and to be actively engaged and involved in the conversation. Interviewers keep note on if the interviewee is really interested in the conversation at hand, and is not just simply throwing a question out there for the sake of it. By asking follow-up questions, you are building that connection with the interviewer, and the interviewer is recruiting not only talent, but also people that fits well into their culture. Be reactionary and be sharp on your feet and listen about the interviewer’s response and ask clarifying questions if necessary.

Asking interesting, relevant questions

Try to ask questions that are current and something that is not regular. For example, a question that could possibly be asked is asking about the company’s operations during COVID-19 times, and their preparation or response to it. This is an interesting question because 1) it is current to today’s times, but also 2) it is relevant to the company that you are interviewing for, and wanting to know more about how the company has dealt during these times.

Avoid asking job-specific questions

Avoid asking questions about the time commitment or expected workflow or expectations for the job. These should be covered in the job description, so the interviewer may see the lack of preparedness or awareness for the position, thus putting you in an unfavorable light. You do not want to seem like a cop-out by asking these questions that you may have known before the interview. Also, it may appear by asking these questions, that you are just keen for a job, and not for a community or lifestyle.

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