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By LANDED Team • 07 November 2022 • 2 mins read

By now I’m sure many of you are aware of how extremely passionate I am about staffing and recruitment for the hospitality sector. It’s what makes me tick. I’ve been working on this for years and it’s my goal to help as many restaurant owners, operators, GMs etc. maximize their recruitment efforts with minimal ease.

For context, I remember working with Blaze Pizza and was so humbled and delighted to receive this feedback so quickly:

“Almost 90-95% of LANDED candidates showed up for interviews whereas more than half of them weren't showing up before” Source

It’s this feedback that drives us to improve LANDED day after day. It’s why we get out of bed. Thus, it’s with much excitement that I can announce we are now partnering with DoorDash to offer an exclusive discount to LANDED for DoorDash merchant partners through their Merchants Benefits program. LANDED and DoorDash have aligned missions in helping restaurants build their businesses. This has been a huge undertaking for us, but it validates our hypothesis that hiring in the restaurant and hospitality sector is broken and we can fix it. 

For the past two years, understaffing has been the biggest pain and caused many restaurants to not operate at full capacity. We’re here to transform the industry, help restaurants get back on their feet, and use technology to develop positive experiences for their workers and customers. With this partnership, we’re excited to work with DoorDash to help restaurants, managers, and workers support their livelihoods altogether. 

There are two key elements to this which I am extremely proud of:

1 - Unlocking economic opportunity for restaurants

The more opportunity a restaurant has to hire, the more it can:

  • Stay open (longer, earlier, later)
  • Take advantage of more volume
  • Offer more varied dishes
  • Deliver superb experiences for its customers

Hiring is the number one complaint we hear from restaurants, bar none. Potential candidates skip out, they ghost, they aren’t the right fit, they don’t have enough experience etc. There are a litany of reasons that restaurants tell us. With our vetting process we can match the right candidate to the right job, and now inside DoorDash’s Merchant Hub, restaurants can quickly take advantage of our hiring solution to get them rocking and rolling and making money.

2 - Unlocking economic opportunity for workers

With the merchant hub, we’ll be able to place more candidates in more roles, increasing economic activity for them. This is a core goal for LANDED. Ultimately, culture is everything. It eats process for breakfast, as they say. Your people are your restaurant, and getting the right candidates in, and keeping them is a challenge worth taking on. There is an incredible amount of turnover in restaurants in America today…130% actually 🤯 Candidates can afford to be more picky, ultimately getting the best deal for themselves. This is a new economic unlock for them.

I hope you’re excited. I know I am.


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